7 Video Marketing Tips in 2020

Who would have thought that video content is the big thing in e-commerce today? While static content like whitepapers, graphics, blogs, and case studies still has a huge following, video content has become the trend.  And more and more brands have realized the value of embracing and using video in marketing.

According to CICSO, by 2020, videos will account for more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic. Additionally, the HubSpot in its State of Inbound Report calls video the leading disruptor. These two are good a reason why brands today need to embrace video. The rise of mobile, the ability to create engaging videos than ever before, and the diversity in content creation are the other reasons why the growth of video is not going to stop very soon. In fact, there are no signs video growth will slow down any time soon.

Here are 7 video marketing tips in 2020

1) Entertain, Educate, and Engage

Video is the first point of contact with your target customers. Make sure the content of any video you create will entertain, educate, and engage. Creating the content is very crucial. This can really give you an edge over your competitors.

2)  Promote success stories/Use testimonials

Your success stories and testimonies that you put in videos build trust with your target customers.

 now here is a great example... from our clients that we will be working with again this year in London!

3)  Measure performance

The success of using video will depend on your ability to measure how well your videos are doing. These can be measured by view rate, views by location, attention span, and video completion rate.

4) Have a clear Call To Action (CTAs)

What action do you want your prospects to take after watching your videos? It is crucial for you to direct them. A CTA comes in handy and helps you engage your prospects and boost conversion rates. Remember to add the right CTAs as not all will work for you.

5) Test your video length

Customer’s attention span to videos is very short. The length of your video is crucial in overall engagement. Shorter videos have higher engagement rate.

6) Don’t forget about the thumbnail

Video thumbnails provide previews of video content. A good thumbnail can make a huge difference in your video marketing. Here are things that your thumbnail must accomplish:

  • Look excellent on any device screen size
  • Feature your branding
  • Hint at the premise of the content
  • Indicate the length of the video
  • Hint at the premise of the content
  • Compel viewers to click to discover more
  • Prominently display the “play” button

7) Avoid typical pitch

Focus on videos that explain what your services and products are and how they are of great value and leveraging storytelling tactics can stop you from creating salesy videos. Create videos that speak to the emotions of your target customers.

This recent project we filmed and edited have all the 7 things we mentioned above.