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Revolutionize Your Events with Our Elite Livestreaming Production Services - Your Audience Will Thank You!

Are you looking to reach a larger audience, engage with your community in real time, or just want to try something new and exciting? Our livestreaming services are the perfect solution for you

Livestream setup and production

We'll work with you to design and plan the perfect livestream experience, including choosing the right streaming platform, setting up cameras and microphones, and testing the technical setup

Professional moderation and support

Our team of experienced moderators will be on hand to help you engage with your audience and ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for all.

Custom branding and graphics

Want to make your livestream stand out? We offer custom branding and graphics options to help you create a unique and professional look.


This live stream package includes: One camera setup, lighting, one videographer, presentation on screen, and full recording of the stream
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