How To Boost Your Customer Acquisition With Video Marketing

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Every business wants to increase their customer acquisition. Videos are the most dominant approach to do this. Always keep in mind when making an advertising system is to keep the leads connected at all stages. At different stages of Lead Generation, there are a lot of videos that can be utilized.  At each stage, use analytics your target clients, focus on them, and make your recordings speak directly to them. Guarantee that you keep your lead generation tactics intriguing and useful.

Here’s a useful tip to increase customer acquisition:

1. Generating the Leads

One good way to gain leads is through Video Marketing - short video recordings made to familiarize your business with the customer. The main goal here is to expand brand awareness and to attract lead and improve conversions. This urges potential customers to look for your company and the products of services that you offer.

The social media is a great platform to publish your videos.  These videos must leave a positive mark on your prospects in this way, it could produce leads for your business.


2. Lead Acquisition

When a lead is created and you have an interested shopper who wants to know more. This lead must be secured. Lead securing includes gathering and grouping the leads and sending them on to the right people who are ready to make a move on it. This is one of the most significant parts of customer acquisition and is often underutilized. This is the initial step for purchaser involvement with your business and whether a lead changes over or not, relies upon how great of an experience that potential customer had with your business. Try to incorporate some of these tactics into your marketing strategies.

A great tool to use is an explainer video which makes your customer more acquainted with the product and explain to them what you offer in detail. The explainer recordings present the issue, talk about how you can demonstrate the offer and feature the highlights of the product and how it will benefit the customer. Then with the help of product demo videos, clarify how an item or administration functions in detail. This story videos show a lighter side of your business and it is very straightforward. 

Email marketing still works these days and it is better to add your video to the emails that you are going to send your target clients. When videos are incorporated into messages, their open rate increases significantly, thus increasing your chances of getting a new customer. 

Make sure to include the word “Video” in the subject line of the email. Including customized recordings in the messages increases the likelihood of messages being opened multiple times.

3. Converting those Leads

How would you convince your intrigued customers to get what you are offering and that what you have is the best?

The best videos at this point are customer testimonials and surveys. This will help customers make their decision and at the same time build trust on your service/product. 

We've once worked on a project for a Chiropractor to create a series of testimonial videos for his website. Check out one of the snippets we created for him



Testimonial videos include a current client talking about the issue they had and how your business offered the ideal answer to their problems. They present their positive involvement with your deals and advertising groups, which builds a feeling of trust in your business. 

This would compel the leads convert the them into a paying client.

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