talking heads video in san francisco

Talking Heads Video for Oncology Education

Task at Hand: Film the interview panel Q & A. There are three speakers that will be giving their insights on the recent case studies from a conference.

 We need to create a high quality video and high quality audio to be used for their website. The company reached out to us and was looking for a video production company in San Francisco to provide everything needed such as lighting, high quality sound, lav mics, and a better quality camera. The company also needed to have the videos edited into several parts and need to put the graphics and font titles on the edit.

The following gears and service were provided for this project:

Gears Provided : White Backdrop Setup / Lav Mic / Boom Mic Set up / 3 point lighting setup/ and a Pro Camera Package.
Editing Provided: Professional Color Grading / Modern and Pro Quality Look / Audio Editing and "sweetening", professional title graphics per client specifications

Client: Oncology Education