video business card for a facebook funnel strategist

Video Business Card for a Facebook Funnel Strategist

The Process

We would like to show you the first phase of our project. We were the one who directed and designed all the shots for her brand film (see below)
Pay attention to direction and the creative shots. You'd want a team that cannot only shoot but can also direct. So you get two for the price of one!

Most videographers just shoot, we creatively direct and come up with shots that are creative and fun. 

There are two parts of the process to this during the shoot

1. The interview/talking heads section , 2 . The filming of brolls

Interview/talking heads

The interview/talking heads part were shot inside her hotel room with lighting and audio setup. It took us about 45-1hr to setup the cameras, lighting, and audio. Then about 15 minutes to do a check on the shots and composition.

Gears utilized for this project: 
Sony FS5 , prompter, 3 point light kit + diva ringlight on front, Tascamdr10c recorders feed wirelessly to the camera and a LCD monitor to preview the outcome of the shot composition onsite.

The filming of the talking heads section took about 2 hours to finish. This included the outtakes and errors made by the presenter.

Here is the outcome of just the interview part below. What you need to pay attention to is that quality of the audio and the quality of the lighting and color grading. Our team ensures that our subject is in the best light possible and make sure that they are in the same page as us.