video marketing project for a chiropractor

Video Marketing Project for a Chiropractor

Task at Hand: Film a series of videos that will be used for social media outlets like Facebook and Instagram.

 Dr. Zachary approached our team because he wanted to increase his reach in social media. As we all know, video give you instant credibility, not only that it help differentiate you as a seriously big fish in a super sized pond! So we decided to craft a well made plan for him.

1. Create a series of videos on clients testimonials. We all know that testimonials are valuable and they do help potential clients know that Dr Zack is  a safe, reliable, and trusted chiropractor.

Our expertise : Creative design on testimonial graphics, music choice, call to action as seen in this video

We understand that social media like Facebook and Instagram is a "battle of attention" platform. So we decided to create short and meaningful videos that gets the audience attention in a very short time.

2. Create a series of tutorials and how to's: This is a simple strategy that works all the time. Provide massive value before you ask for a sale.

We showcased our expertise not just the planning part but also the execution part where we have to produce the videos. As we know, boring doesn't sell. So what do we do? We incorporate graphics and brolls to engage the audience just right at the threshhold where they start to disengage (our secret editing sauce).

Gears Provided : White Backdrop Setup / Lav Mic / Boom Mic Set up / 3 point lighting setup/ and a Pro Camera Package.
Editing Provided: Professional Color Grading / Modern and Pro Quality Look / Audio Editing and "sweetening", professional title graphics per client specifications