7 Keys to an All around Video Marketing Strategy


  1. Playing videos on your channel is kin.

You can upload videos on your website through  Embeds. Video hub. Video landing and sports pages.You can also post them on your social media page by Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. 

  1. Ensure your videos are engaging

Make sure you target the right audience, be creative and stick to the plan in order for viewers to find the ad relevant and useful. We just created a blog post about some great video marketing tips that you can implement in 2020 here.

  1. Is the length of the video appropriate?

The engagement observed will determine the appropriate video that you will need to upload. Bear in mind that the attention span of your audience may not be that long.  If your video is lengthy then they might drop midway.

  1. Find your way, your channel

YouTube and Facebook have always been the most useful channels in posting videos. However, you can be innovative and find alternative channels to use. You may create your own website to optimize customers and determining the engagement rate. 

  1. Include videos on email as part of your marketing strategy

Another way to improve sales is to including short videos or GIFs on the emails sent to clients. Research conducted showed this normally increases sales and awareness by up to 62%. It does not matter whether the email is personalized or an organizational one, however, follow up on feedback to see the customer‘s comments.


  1. Introduce videos across the marketing-funnel and buyers-journal

Videos are the best option to introduce your business. It tends to put the audience in a conversation mood. It is important to note that video ads are best when used to create awareness. A study showed that 79% of prominent marketers use it to create awareness compared to 24% who attribute it to conversion.

Here is a great example video business card we created for a chiropractor in Pleasanton. 

  1. Integrate data within your videos

The data of how your business has been doing is important as it can be used to set confidence in the viewers. An example of that can be found here on our website. Here, we talk about the projects we worked on since 2009, the number of happy clients, the videos we created and the awards.

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